IoT module – continuous machine monitoring

Be efficient: reduce service and maintenance costs by tens of percent with our sophisticated IoT communication module.

Having complete, real-time awareness of the machine’s condition coupled with the continuous analysis of production and operational data is key to smarter production. That’s the reason we have developed the LASCAM IoT module – our own communication module that provides secure remote communication between the installed machine and cloud storage.

Main benefits

  • Possibility of online service interventions on the machine up to the level of source data software, without the need for maintenance service trips
  • Significantly faster and more accurate diagnosis of issues thanks to unlimited access to event history, logs, and machine statuses
  • Collecting data from critical components, setting limit values, and sending notifications if they are exceeded
  • Real-time software and firmware updates and modifications
  • Easy plug-and-play module and establishing a connection to the cloud in all available ways (WI-FI, SIM card, Ethernet)
  • Possibility to interface with any ERP or MES system used in the company

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The LASCAM IoT module is ready as standard in all our machines and can be activated as a part of additional services to the service contract.

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