Laser cleaning & surface treatment

Laser cleaning is a highly effective solution for removing impurities from metal and polymer materials. It is a cost-effective and highly environmentally friendly alternative compared to conventional cleaning technologies such as dry cleaning, mechanical grinding, dry ice or ultrasound. This technology allows the removal of very persistent residues without affecting the underlying material. The overall process is homogeneous and highly repeatable, extending the service life of the cleaned surfaces.

Modification and surface pre-treatment

The technology for selective removal of painted and plated layers fully replaces complex and outdated methods of masking, milling, or grinding and incomparably improves the processing quality of the final part. Processing of the part is not limited by shape and its surface can be fully machined even in 3D using automatic position and quality control. All this with repeatability of up to ±0.2 mm, for parts up to 1200 x 1200 m2 with one pass.

Laser degreasing

With laser cleaning, it is possible to perform pre-treatment of a wide range of metal surfaces very effectively, removing operating and preserving lubricants, oils, greases and naturally formed oxidation layers. Cleaning lasers degrease and completely clean the substrate before subsequent treatment by painting, bonding, welding or other types of joining. Thanks to the high processing speed of laser degreasing, it is also possible to machine large parts such as sheet metal, doorframes and car bodies.

Laser cleaning of welds

Laser technologies are the ideal choice for cleaning welds, whether on stainless and aluminum materials or on carbon steels. They can reliably remove silicates, greases, unwanted discoloration of the heat affected area, oxide layers and other impurities. This technology replaces conventional methods such as chemical pre-treatment with sulfuric acid, leaching, mechanical brush treatment and grinding. The laser cleaning process achieves high quality and speed of up to 400 mm/s, while incurring minimal energy and service costs, which is yet another set of positive benefits this technology can offer. Laser cleaning is suitable for pre-treatment prior to other technological processes, such as painting.

Laser cleaning of suspension technology after the processes of painting and plating

Laser cleaning is a complete, environmentally friendly replacement for conventional washing technologies, such as high-pressure water washing, dry-ice cleaning and pyrolysis, when cleaning metal carriers and suspension technology in the automotive, plastics, food and pharmaceutical industries. The process is implemented exclusively using fully automated cleaning lines, where high cleaning speeds of up to 100,000 mm2/s can be achieved due to parallelization, without secondary pollutants.

Laser removal of insulation layers

The laser cleaning process ensures fast, accurate and positionally defined removal of conductor insulation layers. It is a complete, dust-free, and environmentally friendly replacement of existing processes such as grinding or milling. With a unique two-stage cleaning approach, we achieve high-quality surface preparation for direct use in subsequent welding or tin-plating process without the need for pre-treatments such as degreasing or chemical treatment.

For plastics industry applications, we offer the laser decoating and laser etching solutions.

Products and product platforms

Vario OEM

Plug&Play laser processing solutions for integrators

Main features and benefits

  • Contact-free CO2 neutral process
  • Low maintenance
  • Full replacement of conventional technologies
  • Easy implementation
  • Minimum space requirements
  • Direct use of the machined surface for other production processes

Selected projects

Inline laser cleaning to replace chemical pre-treatment before powder coating.

Laser cleaning of automotive bumper welds.

Manual laser cleaning of large format forming tools.

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