Case studies

Our portfolio includes over 100 successful installations that demonstrate the practical use and efficiency of laser systems in various industries. Read our case studies and discover how we help our customers move forward and be more competitive in the market.

Unique taillight appearance thanks to laser decoating
Robotised laser workstation to create a design structure on taillights, with a final optical inspection using neural networks, and the separation of OK/NOK parts, with full connection to the parent production system.
Eco-friendly laser cleaning of jiggs in the paint shop
By successfully installing a laser cleaning system for the curtain technology, we helped the customer to make significant energy savings and cost savings on the purchase of consumables required for the previously used technologies (pyrolysis and chemical cleaning).
Manual laser cleaning of large format forming tools using the SPYRE mobile unit
The successful integration of a SPYRE mobile laser cleaning system into operation has generated significant cost savings compared to the original cleaning technology. It has completely eliminated any need for purchasing very expensive consumables (dry ice, chemicals, compressed air) or for storing them and subsequently disposing of the waste after cleaning.

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