Plastics & Automotive

Laser decoating

Progressive laser method for removing painted and plated layers of interior and exterior parts in order to create visual 2D or 3D graphics. With high resolution from 20 μm and high repeatability up to 50 μm, it is possible to meet a wide variety of graphic design needs when creating logos, patterns and text.

Laser etching

Unique technology for treating surfaces on which a single thick layer or multiple base layers are applied. Using a suitable laser, a deep and selective removal of the deposited layers can be achieved. It is widely used in the production of interior plastics with a functional surface, which is the basis for touch panels, door panels and decorative cockpit panels.

Laser sprue cutting

Laser sprue cutting is now a proven alternative to conventional mechanical technologies such as grinding, shearing and milling. Laser provides the possibility of contactless cutting of the material, therefore there is no wear of the cutting tool, no splinters or other solid waste. In addition, it ensures maximum quality and homogeneity of the machined surface without contamination from process residues.

Large format laser cutting of plastics

Large format laser cutting is a technology that is widely used due to its ability to process large format parts in stationary laser systems, while in robotic applications the part size is limited only by the robot’s range. Used in applications involving cutting and drilling.

Cutting painted plastic parts

Laser cutting of already painted parts carries a number of advantages, primarily in the painting process itself. A very precise and fast process ensures a sharp edge of the cut, without undesirable damage to paint and undercuts, which have a negative effect on installation of additional peripherals.