Laser decoating

Laser decoating is a progressive laser method for removing painted and plated layers of interior and exterior parts in order to create visual 2D or 3D graphics. With high resolution from 20 μm and high repeatability up to 50 μm, it is possible to meet a wide variety of graphic design needs when creating logos, patterns and text. It is widely used in the production of headlights, decorative electronics, mainly due to the saving of consumables such as masking jigs and tapes.

Creation of visual patterns

Thanks to its precision and resolution, the technology enables the creation of the finest details and gives graphic designers a free hand to be innovative. The picture shows the so-called H pattern (line width is only 0.2 mm), which was created by selectively removing the black plated layer of the headlamp. As this technology does not affect the base material (polymer) in any concrete way, there are no defects in the headlight body that would interfere with the lamp translucency.

Large format decoating

Precision laser machining can be used in the production of large and complex parts. By applying 3D laser decoating, it is possible to reveal the red base polycarbonate of the rear headlight by removing the metal layer, creating a unique polygonal effect over the entire area of the part with a width of approx. 600 mm. The process preserves all the optical characteristics of the headlamp, reduces production costs, reduces production time, and above all replaces the unreliable masking process, which often makes it impossible to meet complex graphical requirements.

Logo creation

Laser decoating is not limited by the underlying material used, thus it is possible to apply the technology to opaque polymers without any issue. Individual parameterization for individual graphic objects can precisely adjust the laser process to compensate for inaccuracies in the production of the part itself, such as inhomogeneous thickness of the plated layer. The result is a logo with a homogeneous course of contrast in its entirety.

Additional services

For laser decoating applications, we offer a standardized compact cell Vario Compact with manual loading and internal dimensions of 1500 x 1000 x 500 mm. There is also the possibility of implementing up to 4 axes or even camera analysis of the marked object with verification of its position.

Selected projects

Project implemented for the leading manufacturer of headlights, where the main requirement was a high accuracy and repeatability of the process.

The front and rear light pattern is created by cutting-edge 3D laser selective decoating technology, that removes the metal layer with minimal impact on the base material.

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