About us

LASCAM systems was founded in 2015 and specialises in the development, production, and supply of automated units focusing on the laser processing of metals & plastics and optical systems.

We help our customers to keep moving forward and to become more competitive in the market by implementing laser technologies. All this with an emphasis on quality improvement, cost savings, and sustainability. Our solution is a step towards the digitisation, automation and robotisation for every kind of industrial production.

years of history
m2 of facilities

Team of experts

We pride ourselves on a professional approach, and you can always expect maximum reliability and commitment at every stage of a project. Customer care is provided by our stable team of experts, including trained laser specialists, optics designers, and single-purpose machine designers, as well as electrical engineers, PLC programmers, and electrical installers. All laser systems and hi-end technologies are developed exclusively within the company to ensure our know-how.

Facilities and laser laboratories

We have our own facilities with a total area of 2,500 m2. We use them for the development, testing, production, and assembly of automated production lines. The facilities include our own metal shop, optical laboratory, a 20 m2 Flowbox ISO 5, large-format 3D printer, 2D laser plotter, 5-axis CNC machining, and a workplace for switchboard assembly.

More than 10 laser systems in 5 dedicated laboratories allow us to test customer samples within short deadlines. Thanks to the robotic cell, we are also able to simulate the automated process in the final installation.

Customer showroom and training centre

At our new headquarters in Prague 9, Horní Počernice, we have built a large facility with our own technology showroom and application technology centre, where demonstration events and various types of laser technology training take place.

Our achievements

In the course of our activities we have managed to develop a number of unique technologies, such as a robotised laser workstation for large format plastic trimming, installed downstream from a plastic injection moulding process or laser decoating, and including quality evaluation using neural networks for a leading auto lamp manufacturer. We were the first in the world to implement the fastest automated laser cleaning cell of 28,000 mm²/s.

We have delivered our technology to customers in 10 countries around the world and take pride in international success.


LASCAM systems is forward thinking and actively committed to environmental policy and social responsibility, with an emphasis on quality improvement, cost savings, and environmental protection. To illustrate this, our company is headquartered in a low-energy building that uses solar panels on the roof to generate power for our own consumption.

In addition, laser systems themselves can be considered environmentally friendly equipment compared to conventional technologies, as they allow customers to reduce the amount of generated waste, consumed chemical resources, etc.


We are ISO 9001 QMS and ISO 14001 certified. We are also certified for process cleanliness in the food and healthcare industries.