Feasibility Study

Dedication to closely examining the technological aspects to ensure the success of your project.

A feasibility study is a key step in the planning and realisation of innovative technology projects. The initial analysis helps us to assess whether the proposed solution is feasible and whether it adds value to our customers.

Carefuly analyze the specifications and objectives associated with the technological process, especially in the context of the particular product. We identify problem areas and search for optimal solutions.

Collaboration across the entire solution development

We accompany our customers throughout the entire process. We begin with testing as each step is unique to us, just as our laser technologies. After clearly defining the requirements, we take over the necessary parts for machining. Subsequently, we develop the laser application on the given physical samples and our teams create the prototype pieces.

In cases where we have sufficient knowledge and experience, we leverage proven practices and past successes for the specific product. If we come across something unique, a unique feasibility study is conducted. In practice, this is a smaller project with a client that needs time and intensive collaboration. For complex tasks with higher time requirements and the interaction of multiple technologies, including jigging, the use of lasers and robots, we take an individual approach to achieve optimal results.

Why ensure a feasibility study?

  • Tailored solutions according to requirements
  • Delivery of physical prototype pieces
  • Assessment of technical and operational feasibility
  • Feasibility report
  • Technological solution proposal
  • Estimated implementation costs

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