Custom production

Take advantage of our capacities and state-of-the-art laser equipment for prototyping and small-scale production within our services.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art laser systems, we are able to provide the best services when implementing your projects. Laser technologies are highly efficient and provide precise results with very low operating costs.

We understand that, due to the initial capital investment, not every project requires its own laser equipment. That’s why we’re here! We place at your disposal our skilled experts, modern laser systems, and equipped workspaces. Regardless of the size of your project, we will help you implement it.

We offer you

  • Laser welding of metals, with parts up to 2,000 mm in size
  • Laser cutting of polymers up to 1,200 mm
  • 3D laser decoration and etching up to 1000 mm
  • 3D cold marking of medical instruments and polymers
  • 3D laser marking of polymers and glass using UV technology
  • Laser cutting of metals, with parts up to 1,800 mm in size
  • 3D laser engraving into a 300×300 mm working field
  • 3D laser cleaning of parts up to 2,000 mm in size
  • Complete 3D laser plating with wire or powder up to 1.2 m in heigh

For what purposes can our capacities be used?

  • Production of prototypes and pre-series parts
  • Small batch orders (20–10,000 units per order)
  • Regular and irregular production of parts
  • Backups in emergency situations
  • Short- and medium-term borrowing of laser technology
  • Temporary workstation at your plant
  • We do not provide 2D sheet metal cutting

What technologies do we own?

Production takes place in our new, fully equipped laser laboratories, where we have at our disposal the following equipment:

  • Industrial robot with possible load of up to 60 kg and an accuracy of ± 0.015 mm
  • 12 laser sources from continuous (CW) to pulse (PS)
  • 4 handheld cleaning lasers with a power range of 200–1000 W
  • Lasers for automated and semi-automated processes from 40–6,000 W with wavelengths from 355 nm to 10,600 nm
  • 14 types of process heads for welding, cutting, marking, and cleaning
  • Microscope for final product inspection
  • Equipment for measuring surface layer thickness and cleanliness
  • Clean room for the servicing and maintenance of lasers and process heads

Are you interested in our services?

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