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Thanks to our team of trained laser specialists, we have at our disposal years of experience and know-how in laser and optical systems for industry. We also offer our customers other services such as consulting and training. Our courses are designed for a wide range of participants, from machine operators to executives. All activities can take place either in your company or in our modern training centre in Horní Počernice, Prague 9. In addition to laser system maintenance and care training, we also offer laser safety training.

Our training offer

Industrial lasers – practical use and subsequent maintenance

We will guide you through the world of lasers and their use in practice. The aim of this training is to introduce the basic principles of lasers, types of lasers, managing maintenance, and laser safety. Learn more about the physical principles of lasers, the optical properties of a laser beam, and proper care or routine maintenance.

Maintenance and care of laser systems and their peripherals

We will teach you how to properly look after your equipment. Neglect of routine maintenance accounts for up to 90% of defects and failures, so training is important for long-term and efficient use of the technology. Once trained, your specialised engineers will be able to easily and quickly identify operational defects and, in most cases, repair them on site without costly production downtime. The training includes equipment maintenance, the principles of laser safety, and practical demonstrations on the equipment.

Debugging of technology on-site

We will advise you on how to set up and optimise new or already integrated laser systems to increase process efficiency, increase production cycle speeds, and reduce energy consumption. As part of this training you will learn about process parametrisation and optimisation, it also includes operator training, laser safety, and routine equipment care or maintenance.

Parametrisation and optimisation of process methodology, software

You have got working laser technology at your disposal, but you need a deeper understanding of the laser process or software. Our training will teach you how to use the laser system effectively and set up a process for various types of materials. The training includes a wide range of software we support, and we can also work with your programmer to develop an application-specific methodology.

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