Precitec process monitoring

Process monitoring from Precitec aids many areas of industrial production under continuous operation. The measured data recorded during the process is used for 100% quality control. As a result, production irregularities are immediately detected and the process can be adjusted in a timely manner.

LWM – Laser welding process monitoring

The LWM 4.0 laser welding monitor is used for online process monitoring in many areas of industrial production under continuous operation. In series production, it detects and documents a wealth of information related to the quality and productivity of a laser weld joint. This enables monitoring and detection of fluctuations in quality caused by component tolerance, contamination or differences between material batches.

All data is continuously stored and documented, even during ongoing production. In combination with online backups, the LWM 4.0 then enables 100% traceability and transparency of laser welding processes.

WeldMaster 4.0

WeldMaster 4.0 provides high-precision weld/joint position monitoring, intelligent beam guidance and shaping and online quality control for your automated welding process. This makes it possible to implement entire solutions in a single welding station, designed to meet all of the modern requirements for everyday industrial applications.