Precitec laser welding heads

With the automation of industrial production processes, there is also a growing demand for innovative and efficient laser welding solutions. Precitec modular welding heads and high-precision process monitoring systems have proven their worth in industries around the world. They contribute to optimizing the quality of tight and strong weld joints – whether for remote laser welding in light construction, laser welding of components for the automotive industry or 3D printing for additive manufacturing.


The CoaxPrinter system offers a wide range of applications in complementary machining – from fine shapes to complex bulky 3D shapes. It is used for 3D printing, prototyping and wear protection. Non-porous layers can be deposited in any direction.

Coaxial wire feeding allows 100% material utilization. In addition, wire material can be purchased at a lower cost than powder. The high machining speed (up to 5 m/min) also allows for a high utilization rate.

Process optics YW30 | YW52

This is a tailor-made solution for your machine design and requirements, whether it is a simple or very complex optical system. The module system offers flexible configuration options and easy integration. Our YW30/YW52 optical system can be adapted to all common laser sources during machining.

All YW30/YW52 optical laser welding systems can be combined with a range of operation monitoring systems, allowing the laser welding process to be largely automated. This allows you to collect and document a large amount of data that is crucial to the quality and productivity of a series production.

Process Optics YC52

Our powder nozzle welding optics provides you a wide range of possible applications in the field of laser plating. Almost non-porous, long-lasting layers can be formed in every direction. Typical areas of application include the creation of protective layers against corrosion and wear as wall as repairs and creation of 3D structures.

The YC52 welding head is designed for additional machining which provides your machine system the same flexibility as the YW30/YW52 modular machining optical system.


NexoWelder is a new welding optical device for the medium power range up to 8 kW of conventional solid state lasers. Its monolithic design and highly efficient CrossJets ensure the highest productivity with low downtime. In its price range, NexoWelder guarantees the high process quality and stability.

Its monolithic design and highly efficient CrossJets ensure the highest productivity with low downtime. Optimized temperature control, minimal power loss and low focus shift guarantee consistent weld speed and quality.


Scanner optics not only allow for precise positioning and a stable process, but also provide an attractive solution for scanner welding. ScanMaster combines high-precision distance to workpiece measurement, autofocus, position detection with high-resolution image processing and process monitoring. For this purpose, the ScanMaster has been designed with a modular design in mind—all performance functions can be adapted to individual requirements.

It is an attractive scanner welding solution for a wide range of automotive applications. Strength, electrical conductivity and tightness are important criteria in the field of e-mobility.


ScanWelder provides cost-effective laser welding of aluminum without additional wire. Suitable for high strength 5xxx/6xxx series materials with low cracking and low porosity requiring intelligent and automated welding systems. ScanWelder specifically reduces heat input and thus optimally shapes the weld.