Precitec laser cutting heads

Efficient Precitec laser cutting systems are characterized by high precision and reliable performance in continuous operation. The process is consistently stable and accurate. The optimal cutting quality is achieved and production rejects are avoided.


SolidCutter enables machining of spatial shapes with the highest level of precision. It ensures careful 3D machining of metal materials with detailed contours.

It is mainly used in 3D laser cutting systems for the automotive industry. Robot-controlled laser cutting is a flexible and high-performance method of machining high-strength car body and profile components, e.g., when creating roof rail holes and contours on vehicle doors. Thanks to its compact shape and optimized weight, the laser cutting head provides high dynamics and great motion variability.

ProCutter 2.0

With the new ProCutter 2.0 system, high cutting speeds that would have been unimaginable before can now be reached. With the cutting head, laser power of up to 40 kW can be achieved without problems, enabled both by its sophisticated cooling concept and by long movement paths. If you do not need full laser power, the cutting speed can be further increased by up to 25% compared to the previous product, thanks to the optimized design.

Smart sensors integrated in the cutting head continuously monitor the condition of critical components and cutting process parameters. These sensors are also critical for planned maintenance and efficient use of spare parts. This makes operations safer and avoids unnecessary costs.

ProCutter Thunder

When cutting full-width systems, it shows its strengths, which are a consistently stable and precise laser process. The highly dynamic drive for fully automatic focus position adjustment ensures the shortest possible system idle times and thus increases process efficiency.

If maintenance of the cutting head is required, the design allows quick and easy access to the optics. Thanks to this feature, the time it takes to perform the required replacement of optical components is reduced to a minimum. In addition, built-in protective glass protects the optics and fiber bayonet from the direction of the process zone, significantly extending the service life.

ProCutter Thor

ProCutter Thor is a completely dustproof device providing the best parameters for long-term use. The cutting head performs laser cutting of medium to thick sheets. Thanks to the patented innovative “Clean Back” design, the maintenance service access to the optics and protective lenses is located at the back of the head – at the cleanest place of the entire cutting system.

ProCutter Thor is designed for 2D laser cutting in harsh environments. Due to its unique properties, it reduces service and maintenance costs.

FormCutter Plus

FormCutter Plus is a tooling system with X/Y axes and a cutting head with a Z axis and is usually attached to the robot arm. The robot places the system over the machining point and then starts the cutting process. FormCutter Plus guides the cutting head through the programmed geometry to create a high-precision cutout. The cutting motion is many times more accurate and takes much less time than a robot could handle.

Long service life, compact design and easily accessible media connections in the upper system area are attractive features for integration into new or existing automated systems.


FineCutter is a versatile solution for a wide range of laser cutting applications in precision machining (e.g.: micromachining). It has been designed specifically for the use of solid-state lasers with highly brilliant and pulsed beam sources. With FineCutter, the finest contours and smooth, burr-free cutting surfaces can be achieved in both 2D laser cutting systems and robotic applications. The integrated camera allows for setup completion within the shortest possible time with a great overview of the cutting process.


The MiniCutter is a true all-rounder for thin sheets. Thanks to the simple and compact “plug and play” system, it offers you very good cutting quality. Using solid-state lasers, you will be able to machine sheets up to 10 mm thick efficiently and at an affordable price.

Head maintenance is easy and user-friendly: the protective glass can be quickly replaced manually without tools. The cutting process can be easily adjusted from the outside by adjusting the focus position. Bottom line: The MiniCutter system offers you a reliable and user-friendly system at a very attractive price.

ProCutter Zoom 2.0

The ProCutter Zoom 2.0 cutting head ensures the best flexible performance with very low space requirements. It generates a laser beam suitable for all materials, regardless of their thickness, with a power of up to 12 kW, making it the best multipurpose tool for your flatbed system.

This cutting head always gives you the best machining results in terms of quality and speed. With extensive movement paths and configurable laser point spacing, the optimum cutting and punching process can be set for each material type and thickness. Compared to other fixed pitch products, it achieves up to 35% faster speed for some types of laser cutting.

CutBox Pro

CutBox Pro combines the functions of a distance control sensor into one modern piece of hardware. It provides an increased stability of the cutting process through new features such as real-time focus position adjustment. All sensor values are real-time monitored and visualized in a GUI.

EtherCAT® or ProfiNET® compatibility enables fast communication with reduced cycle times. Advanced real-time focus positioning optimizes cutting process stability and increases cutting system productivity.