We are the official distributor and service centre of Precitec

LASCAM systems has become the exclusive official distributor in the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia of Precitec’s complete portfolio of laser process heads and diagnostics.

LASCAM systems has announced its official co-operation with Precitec. Currently, we are the exclusive official distributor of the complete portfolio of Precitec laser process heads and diagnostics in the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia. We provide warranty and post-warranty service and supply all consumables and spare parts. Available products include a wide range of laser cutting and welding heads.

Precitec laser cutting and welding systems are synonymous with high precision and reliable performance in continuous operation. The process is consistently stable and accurate. Optimised quality is achieved and possible rejects in production are prevented.

See the list of available products online on our website. If you need the service/maintenance of currently installed equipment, see our request form.